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Update || Graduation!

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Capturing a Harvard graduation
I did it! I've tossed my hat (literally...and metaphorically) and I'm ready to head into the 'real world'! Sorry for the super silence around the blog for the past month. I've spent the few weeks either stressed out of my mind, sweating on horribly timed hot Boston days, or trying to regain some energy after burning through the end of the year. On graduation day itself, I was so exhausted from the heat and running around that I could barely savor the moment. Thankfully someone from my family kept tossing my camera around and we were able to get plenty of different shots of the whole fiasco. I chose just three for now (trust me, you don't want to see the whole album..theres maybe 500 at least!). The first image, with the cameras and the 2013 banner in the background, I think represents a lot about our time, what it means to 'live an event', and the use of photography as a means not only to document  realities but also as a means of capturing pride. Thanks to my dad for snapping that one - along with the thousands of other parents who were bunched around!

Capturing a Harvard graduation
This second image I think captures a lot about Harvard and what these past four years have meant to me as an institution and a place of learning. The high beams, the richly vibrant banner flags, the old traditional vows to "Veritas" or "truth", and the honest reality that the resources I've had access to have 'suspended' me to much higher places I could have ever imagined.

Capturing a Harvard graduation
And this last photograph needs little explanation. When it comes down to it, graduation was important because it was more than just an individual celebration. Time and time again I found myself fully embraced in the arms of my man, my friends, my family -- all of us saying, "We did it!" I can't even begin to imagine what my life would have been without the people I hold so close to me; to photography - I'm so grateful you can capture that pride. 


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