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I was approached by a few of my fellow classmates to help with designing some marketing materials for the Senior Class Winter Swag Sale. They were inspired by this image, and wanted to recreate magazine-like style fashion recommendations for certain activities based off the clothing items. Below are some examples for three of the seven products I designed images for. If you're a Harvard senior and want to load up on some gear, click here to order up! Additionally, if you're in need of design work, shoot me an email at

The image above is for the class Harvard sweatshirt; below is for the 2013 coffee mug:

This third ad is for the women's patagonia fleece -- definitely on my list to buy! 

Altogether, I really enjoyed this project! It was kind of fun trying to find quirky, down-to-earth, and class-wide friendly recommendations to wear/do with these items. I look forward to working with the committee in the future on other projects, there may even be some DIY collaborations -- keep tuned!


DIY Project || #8 || Chain Purse from Pencil Case

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DIY from pencil case to chain purse

Clear pencil case (from Staples)
Golden chain with clasps

DIY from pencil case to chain purseINSTRUCTIONS
DIY from pencil case to chain purseSTEP ONE: Using scissors or a hole punch, snip a small hole onto the back inside of the pouch near the right end (where the zip line hits when completely opened).
STEP TWO: The chain I used comes from another purse I have, so it was easy to slide the clasps into the newly made hole on the pencil case. If you have a similar type of chain, I'd suggest that. If not, craft stores like Michael's and Joann's have chains and clasps you can purchase and easily put together.

DIY from pencil case to chain purse
STEP THREE: Repeat steps #1 and #2 on the left hand side, this time making a slit on the inside bend on the left side of the pouch.


DIY from pencil case to chain purse



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The sun is beyond just a beautiful thing. It's also a hated thing. Something, sometimes, so unwanted. We close the shades tighter, we bar our eyes with dark shaded rims, we moan its wake after the nights we never slept. We found out that it can even kill us. It burns our skin until it sheds, it melts our favorite ice creams and takes the water from things. It pushes us around -- back inside buildings, behind curtains, under cooling air vents and ceiling fans. It ruins snow days, it starts bush fires; everyday, it leaves half the world in darkness. Maybe this isn't about how us humans need the sun...just maybe, though, the sun needs us. Every morning it yearns to be impressive. It labors tirelessly at landscape painting. It leans in too close -- tries to peer into our world, how we work, what we do. It probably feels as though we pay it too little attention. 

Dear attention-seeking, massive globe:

I see you.     



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I'm loving my new friday faves design -- go circles! I was inspired by the visuals on Pugly Pixel, her blog is truly beautiful and incredibly resourceful. Alas, even though it's the dead of winter now in Boston, the fact that I see wonderful California sunshine every day while on break inspires me to find the subtle perks in life. That's usually manifested in afternoon naps, guitar playing, sunset walks in the backyard, and Nutella croissants. Yet, if I had to manifest such subtle joy in my clothes -- these would be my picks. They all have that quiet bang I love!

1. L'Epicier Leather Bag - $95 - from American Apparel 
2. Geodesic Collar necklace - $20 - from NastyGal
3. The Ankle Strap Mini Wedge - $118 - from Madewell
4. Unisex Wool Peacoat - $184 - from American Apparel
5. Know a Trick or Two Tights - $25 - from Modcloth



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I'm proud to announce I've officially completed my first 'client' work! My good friend, Erika, started a fashion blog early in the Fall of 2012, and I have been taking the photographs for her site ever since. Erika already felt she wanted a new look for her blog so I was glad my design skills came at the perfect time! There were a few steps I took that led to the final look and can be helpful for anyone trying to piece together visuals for their website, blog, brand, or product. Before I dive into specifics, here is a preview of what her blog used to look like, and then a snapshot of how it looks now after I was done with it!

As you can see, I did quite the u-haul of her previous layout. One of the most important steps in the whole design process was the title. Deciding on which font to choose probably took the most time out of all the individual design elements I did. The header dictates a lot about the blog and an individual's personality; it's usually the first thing people read and the only thing they'll remember when they're gone. Once the title was done, the design flowed smoothly afterwards. I wanted to emphasize the photographs, so I centered the blog and made the post area compact in order to focus a viewer's eyes on the images. Given that Erika is hoping to pursue some business out of her styling skills, I also wanted to emphasize professionalism and sharpness -- which resulted in the black/gray tones and an overall organized look.  Psychology research demonstrates that having a prominent personal picture on the front/top of a personal blog/webpage results in higher traffic and more consistent viewers (yes, I am a psych nerd). Hence, one of my favorite pictures I took of her now serves as a bold, consistent visual of   her look and style, familiarizing viewers with what to expect. Lastly, having loads of white and dabs of pink allow viewers to recognize how carefree and subtly 'girly-girl' she is (her own words). Overall, I'm just glad she is in love with the final product! What do you think about the re-design? 

Click here to see the new site!

If you're in need of design work, shoot me an email:



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Small petaled flowers
Ice cube or cupcake/muffin tray

STEP ONE: Gently pull petals from their buds.
STEP TWO: Place petals into ice cube/muffin tray cups. I chose to go with a spring look, so I combined pink, purple, and white with most of them. Some I left with two colors (white and yellow). Experiment with the look you want to have! 
STEP THREE: Slowly pour cold water into the cups until desired height. I did mine about 3/4 of the way.
STEP FOUR: Slide the tray into the freezer. Leave in for at least 1.5 - 2 hours. When frozen, pull the tray out, wait for 5 minutes for cubes to begin melting then, using a knife around the edges, gently loosen and wiggle the cubes until they can slide out. Pop into a cup/pitcher of water, lemonade, or iced tea and - voila! - you've got a classy a** drink. If desired, you can put the cubes into tea leaf bags so that, when they melt, the flowers will stay contained and not get swallowed up!



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Over the past five years I have been fortunate enough to travel to several countries around the world on trips related to health and community work. Luckily, I have always managed to bring along a decent camera to capture these trips, resulting in quite a collection of photographs I've acquired. Every once in a while, I'd like to share some bits of those travels with you all -- either stories of individuals I've met, foods I've ravished, or sights I think photos can never do justice. I guess it's my way of remembering how each trip fragments itself into bits of my memory, how my past melts together to teach me something of the present.
As such, there's perhaps no better way to start than with one of my favorite places -- hands down. A place seemingly bursting at its seams with vibrant passion: Brazil. One of the first lessons I learned while spending four weeks in Sao Paolo -- a growing economic, cultural, and medical hub of the nation -- was to be grateful for the creation of fruits. Not just strawberries, mangoes, peaches, and plums. I'm talking fruits I've never even heard of, never could have imagined their existence. I tried jackfruit for the first time, fruits in the shapes of stars, fruits that looked like onions yet tasted like delectable pears; I had mangoes that, for the first time in my life, I could eat as dessert after every meal, every day. I began to dream of the paintings I could make with the insanely vibrant colors of juices that oozed, dripped, and stained my hands, my teeth, my shirts, my tongue. I became a smoothie addict, an instant fruit nut and, unfortunately, now that I'm back in the States, the standard for fruit (if not the very concept of it) has inevitably been erased and set at an impeccably tasteful high. 



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This week's faves are inspired by all things fun, slightly odd and yet strangely cool. From a see-through telephone you hook up to your cell, mittens designed after socks, a toaster that burns faces on your bread, a planner that fits in your pocket, to handmade expensive looking (but cheap) earrings. I think each of these adds a little fun to 2013 -- trust me, we all need some of that in bucket loads...

1. Native Union Clear Pop Phone Handset - $48 - from Urban Outfitters
2. Domo Toaster - $49 - from Urban Outfitters
3. Classic Canadian Mittens - $22 - from Old Faithful Shop
4.  2013 Pocket Monthly Planner - $11.50 - from Etsy
5. Tiffany Stud Earrings - $15 - from Etsy


DIY Project || #6 || Jewelry Wall Branch

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diy jewelry wall branch hanger

Stray branch (don't harm the trees!)
Long, thin leaves or yarn
Thin hair ties
White push pins


STEP ONE: Carefully loop a long branch leaf (or yarn!) around the furthest stable ends of the branch.
STEP TWO: Grab the leaf edges together and slowly begin tying the thin hair tie as though it were a ponytail. Leave a little slack which will be used later to slip over the pushpin in the wall.

STEP THREE: The branch should look like this -- kind of like a large tear drop.
STEP FOUR: Then, press two push pins into the wall. It helps to put the branch up against the desired wall area and lightly mark the width of the branch with a pencil. I ended up placing the pins a few inches inside of the very edges.

STEP FIVE: Taking the little slack in the hair tie, loop it over the pushpins on the wall. 
STEP SIX: If necessary, readjust the pins of your wall to level out the branch so it is as straight as possible. Then, just begin draping your necklaces, hook your earrings, and hang your bracelets!



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Images taken from the Boo & Boo Factory Shop on Etsy

Are you nearly just as blown away as I am right now? Do you see these pieces of jewelry?! I am one who is rarely astounded by jewelry. I see diamonds and think, "Ahh, how nice." I see bold necklaces and think, "Chic, cool." When I stumbled upon the Boo & Boo Factory while browsing on Etsy, I l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y gasped. I cannot believe the variety of colors, patterns, textures, and shapes that are put into each piece. Apparently they are all used with leather--some with neon, some with earthy tones, and many with both. I know this sounds like an advertisement (I promise it's not!) but I've never seen anything like them before and I now have to get my hands on 'em. Luckily the prices range from the $20s up to the $100s, so I may have to start small with some earrings. These statement necklaces though, man, they can say somethin'! I wish I saw these before Christmas-- totally would have put this 'ish on my list.

/// Here's the link to the shop on Etsy: Boo & Boo Factory


DESIGN DELIGHT || #1 || IT'S 2013!

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Hope you all popped the champagne on time because 2013 is bound to be a good year (it better be!). Here's a little celebratory design I made to commemorate the coming of 365 more days. Now, about those resolutions (cough, cough)...