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DIY || #36 || Eye Like My Lashes on Macarons

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I've hopped onto the macaron train and I'm not getting off! I'm so inspired by Sugar and Cloth's #Glossaryofmacs, a series of fun ways she paints or creates fun images on macarons! The best part - they are all edible! Today's DIY is a super sweet way to bat your eye lashes at that crush of yours during that cocktail party...or just flirt with yourself I guess. Hey, you are pretty good looking, right? All you need are food coloring pens and a batch of macarons. Prepare for a pretty sweet sugary ride! Here are the deets:

What you'll need:
1. Macarons (I bought these babies at a cute Macaron Van that drives around Boston - Cameo Macaron)
2. Edible Color Food Markers (purchased a pack at Michaels)

1. Like I said, super easy! Simple grab a macaron and draw the outline of a semi-circle. Feel free to make your eyelid as thick as you'd like..I preferred mine a little bit on the thinner side. 
2. Next, add lines extending outwards around the semi-circle to make the individual lashes.
3. Repeat per macaron. It's fun to spice up a few and add an eyeball. Simple draw an oval, add the lashes to the top, and a big circle in the middle for an eye that pops! That's it! 

Hope you all like today's project and let me know if you try it! Share your creations on instagram (#diykipi) and follow my colorful ride (@creativekipi)!

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